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  1. 2014 Virginia Legislative Session Provides Mixed Results for Civil Liberties

    March 6, 2014Press releaseDeath Penalty, Criminal Justice, Equality & Sex Discrimination, Free Speech, LGBT Rights, Privacy & Technology, Reproductive Freedom, Voting Rights, Women’s Rights
  2. ACLU of Virginia Urges Attorney General Not to “Gut” Drone Moratorium; Says Commonwealth’s Attorney is Wrong on the Law

    July 24, 2014Press releaseCriminal Justice, Privacy & Technology
  3. Va. ECPA Would Keep Personal Data Private

    January 20, 2016Press releaseCriminal Justice, Privacy & Technology
  4. ACLU-VA Letter Regarding Explosive Detection Equipment in Arlington County

    July 18, 2016Press releaseCriminal Justice, Free Speech, Open Government, Privacy & Technology
  5. Sub-Zero Tolerance in the Rough Wake of Littleton

    May 20, 1999Press releaseCriminal Justice, Free Speech, Privacy & Technology
  6. In Times of Crisis, Citizens Must Become Primary Guardians of Liberty

    November 1, 2001Press releaseCriminal Justice, Privacy & Technology
  7. Drug Testing in the Workplace: A Bad Idea and a Bad Investment

    September 1, 1999Press releaseCriminal Justice, Privacy & Technology
  8. Virginia Department of Corrections Reverses Policy; Allows Prisoners to Be Present for Opening of Legal Mail

    February 27, 2002Press releaseCriminal Justice, Prisoners' Rights, Privacy & Technology
  9. New FBI Guidelines Take Us Back to the Dark Days of J. Edgar Hoover

    July 1, 2002Press releaseCriminal Justice, Free Speech, Privacy & Technology
  10. ACLU Files Brief with U.S. Supreme Court Seeking to Reverse Decision Allowing Warrantless Car Searches

    December 19, 2003Press releaseCriminal Justice, Privacy & Technology


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