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November 24, 2015

Virginia Law Enforcement, You’re Going to Have to Face It: You’re Addicted to Cash

BLOG: Two new reports show Virginia’s civil asset forfeiture laws have encouraged policing for profit, shifting massive amounts of money from the public’s pockets into law enforcement coffers. read more »

November 18, 2015

ACLU of Virginia Decries Roanoke Mayor’s Statements Invoking Japanese Internment

PRESS RELEASE: We are deeply dismayed and disappointed by Mayor David Bowers’ statement today calling for Roanoke Valley governmental and non-governmental agencies to ‘suspend and delay’ assistance to Syrian refugees by invoking the sequestration and internment of people of Japanese descent during World War II. read more »

November 17, 2015

ACLU-VA Supports Gov. McAuliffe’s Position on Syrian Refugees

PRESS RELEASE: The ACLU of Virginia commends Gov. McAuliffe for having the courage not to attempt to block settlement in Virginia of Syrian refugees fleeing terrorism in their homeland. It’s the right thing to do. read more »

November 13, 2015

ACLU of Virginia Launches “The People’s Body-Cam”

PRESS RELEASE: The ACLU of Virginia’s new, free smart phone app – titled Mobile Justice VA – gives users new power to document law enforcement situations for review by ACLU attorneys. read more »

November 06, 2015

ACLU of Virginia Opposes Government Cancellation of NFL Team’s Trademark; Asks Appeals Court to Find Trademark Law Unconstitutional Violation of Free Speech

PRESS RELEASE: The ACLU of Virginia, the ACLU of the National Capitol Area and the national ACLU today filed a friend-of-the-court brief urging the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals to reverse the cancellation of the Washington National Football League team’s trademarks on the grounds they are “disparaging.” read more »

October 30, 2015

Body-Worn Cameras are Only a Tool

OP ED: In order for BWCs to be an effective tool of accountability and transparency, the culture in the law enforcement agency that deploys them must support both. read more »

October 30, 2015

ACLU Available to Assist Voters Denied Poll Access

PRESS RELEASE: Virginia voters who are denied access or have other problems at the polls this Election Day are encouraged to call or write the ACLU of Virginia for help. read more »

October 26, 2015

New State Law Needed for Police Body-Worn Cams

PRESS RELEASE: New state law is needed to address an alarming lack of depth and uniformity among policies guiding local police use of body-worn cameras in Virginia, an ACLU of Virginia report has concluded. read more »

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