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  1. Why Insurance Coverage for Abortion Matters

    April 5, 2011News updateReproductive Freedom, Women’s Rights
  2. Court of Appeals Avoids Issue of Whether a Warrant is Required for GPS Tracking by Police

    April 6, 2011Press releaseCriminal Legal Reform, Privacy & Technology
  3. ACLU Tells Prince William County Schools to Stop Unconstitutional Filtering of LGBT Websites

    April 11, 2011Press releaseFree Speech, LGBT Rights
  4. End The Equal Pay Day “Celebration” – Pass The Paycheck Fairness Act

    April 12, 2011News updateGender & Sex Discrimination, Women’s Rights
  5. Groups Say UVA Must Balance Transparency and Academic Freedom in Considering Request for Professor’s Records

    April 14, 2011Press releaseFree Speech, Open Government
  6. State May Not Stop Privacy Advocate from Publishing Most Records Found on Government Websites

    April 14, 2011Press releaseFree Speech, Open Government
  7. Take a Closer Look: Virginia’s Recidivism Rate Still Isn’t Great

    April 18, 2011News updateCriminal Legal Reform
  8. ACLU Sues Richmond Police Over Onerous Costs on Parade Organizers

    April 20, 2011Press releaseFree Speech
  9. Groups Ask State Supreme Court to Reject AG’s Demand for Private Records of UVA Climate Scientist

    April 26, 2011Press releaseFree Speech
  10. Honoring Courage Seven Years after Abu Ghraib

    April 28, 2011News updateCriminal Legal Reform, Open Government