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  1. Budget and Abuses Demand Closing of Supermax Facility

    February 14, 2002Press releaseCriminal Legal Reform, Prisoners' Rights
  2. Church, State, Religion and the ACLU

    February 7, 2002Press release
  3. ACLU Says Alexandria Should Seek Justice Department Approval for Special School Board Election

    February 7, 2002Press releaseVoting Rights
  4. Senate Committee Defeats Bill for Posting Ten Commandments in Public Schools

    February 14, 2002Press release
  5. ACLU Hails Decision by Mathews School Board to Shelve Student Drug Testing Policy

    February 21, 2002Press releasePrivacy & Technology
  6. Challenge to Lynchburg Public Assembly Ordinance to Be Heard in Court

    February 22, 2002Press releaseFree Speech
  7. Virginia Department of Corrections Reverses Policy; Allows Prisoners to Be Present for Opening of Legal Mail

    February 27, 2002Press releaseCriminal Legal Reform, Prisoners' Rights, Privacy & Technology