After weeks of intense negotiations with the Office of the Attorney General, the ACLU of Virginia and Charlottesville attorney Elliott Harding reached a settlement agreement with Gov. Ralph Northam, Secretary of Public Safety Brian Moran and other state officials. The settlement was in response to a lawsuit initially brought on April 8 by Harding on behalf of 27 people who are incarcerated in Virginia prisons. The lawsuit alleged that Virginia is violating the U.S. Constitution by failing to release medically vulnerable people in state prisons due to the COVID-19 pandemic and by failing to keep people safe from exposure to the novel coronavirus.

As part of the court-enforced settlement agreement, the Virginia Department of Corrections (VDOC) is required to provide the ACLU of Virginia with weekly data reports, including the number of individuals in VDOC facilities who have been:

  • Considered for early release;
  • Granted early release;
  • Denied early release; and
  • Tested for COVID-19 in each prison facility.

VDOC may be required to provide additional data, such as the number of conditional pardons granted, and requested documents like policies and directives.

This page will be updated each Wednesday at noon with new weekly data reports.

Weekly Updates from the Virginia Department of Corrections

For the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths in VDOC's facilities across the Commonwealth, please visit its website for daily updates.


Number of people tested for COVID-19

Number of people reviewed for early release

Number of people approved for early release

Number of people granted early release

Number of people denied early release

Before ACLU-VA Settlement Agreement on 5/12 5,455 322 256 65 45

Week of 5/10-5/16    

1,525 100 84 84 16

Week of 5/17-5/23   

4,218 111 95 31 16
Week of 5/24-5/30 2,700 49 40 28 9
Week of 5/31-6/6 4,067 100 71 37 29
Week of 6/7-6/13 1,852 50 41 26 9
Week of 6/14-6/20 679 27 24 15 3
Week of 6/21-6/27 515 36 26 15 10
Week of 6/27-7/4 1,848 30 20 24 10
Week of 7/5-7/11 958 52 43 19 9
(to be continued)          


23,817 877 700 344 156

* The total numbers include cases before the settlement agreement on 5/12/2020.

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