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  1. COMMENTARY: Religion doesn’t make it ok to discriminate

    May 18, 2014News updateEquality & Sex Discrimination, LGBT Rights, Privacy & Technology, Reproductive Freedom, Women’s Rights
  2. Tell the Governor: Foster Care Initiative Should Include All Families

    May 14, 2013News updateEquality & Sex Discrimination, LGBT Rights
  3. The Fairfax, Virginia, Fire Department Is Sexist

    May 25, 2018News updateEquality & Sex Discrimination
  4. Making the Case for the Equal Rights Amendment

    January 3, 2019News updateEquality & Sex Discrimination
  5. Stephanie Younger: We Need a Community of Inclusion in the Fight for Gender Equality

    January 20, 2019News updateEquality & Sex Discrimination
  6. Showing a Breast as Part of a Costume Worn in a Satirical Act of Protest Is Not Obscene. Tyranny is.

    February 19, 2019News updateEquality & Sex Discrimination
  7. Small Employers Need to Know that They Can’t Fire Employees Because Of Their Identities

    October 2, 2019News updateEquality & Sex Discrimination
  8. Our Chance to Bring Constitutional Policing to Fairfax County

    August 12, 2015News updateCriminal Justice, Equality & Sex Discrimination
  9. Criminalizing Teens for Sexting is Setting them up for Failure

    November 24, 2014News updateCriminal Justice, Equality & Sex Discrimination
  10. "Everyone has the right to not be discriminated against because of their sex, no matter how many employees the company has."

    January 29, 2020News updateEquality & Sex Discrimination