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  1. Commonwealth v. Purdum

    December 15, 2008CaseFree Speech, Voting Rights
  2. Murmer v. Chesterfield County School Board

    October 4, 2007CaseFree Speech
  3. Commonwealth v. Khan

    October 5, 2005CaseFree Speech
  4. Chesterfield County v. Morrissette

    March 18, 2006CaseFree Speech
  5. Commonwealth v. Collins; Collins v. Lebo

    August 24, 2005CaseFree Speech
  6. Hargrave Military Academy v. Guyles

    May 15, 2006CaseFree Speech
  7. Falwell v. Lamparello (amicus)

    November 24, 2004CaseFree Speech
  8. Feeney v. Virginia Beach (amicus)

    February 6, 2004CaseFree Speech
  9. Johnson v. Woodward (amicus)

    December 22, 2009CaseFree Speech, Open Government
  10. Commonwealth v. Trumbull

    March 15, 2010CaseFree Speech


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