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  1. Tanner v. Virginia Beach (amicus)

    December 9, 2008CaseFree Speech
  2. Norfolk 302, LLC v. Vassar (amicus)

    June 8, 2007CaseFree Speech
  3. Ruttenberg v. Jones (amicus)

    June 14, 2007CaseCriminal Justice, Free Speech
  4. Educational Media Company at Virginia Tech v. Insley

    June 8, 2006CaseFree Speech
  5. Woody v. Carter

    May 23, 2008CaseFree Speech
  6. Moore v. Richmond

    April 1, 2009CaseFree Speech
  7. Huff v. Corner, et al.

    July 1, 2006CaseFree Speech, Prisoners' Rights
  8. Borak v. Rodrigues

    December 10, 2008CaseFree Speech, Voting Rights
  9. Garrett v. Better Publications, Inc.

    March 5, 2009CaseFree Speech
  10. Commonwealth v. Jaynes (amicus)

    October 14, 2005CaseFree Speech


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