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It's Time for Virginia to Legalize Pot

There would be a clear and immediate civil rights benefit to striking simple marijuana possession from the criminal code and making it legal to possess up to several ounces for personal use. We urge action to legalize it now and study regulation later.

December 7, 2019 Criminal Justice

Cynthia Moore: We Can Join the Fight.

Watching incident after incident of police brutality on people of color during non-violent situations ignited fear in me as a parent that other ethnicities are not forced to have. The topic of conversations with my son became, “This has to stop. What can we do?”  My answer: We can join the fight.

November 14, 2019

Ingrid Medrano: The Power of Your Story

Under the The U.S. Constitution, “We the People” have the right to equal protection under the law and freedom of speech. Yet, we are living under unjust laws created to marginalize minority and low-socioeconomic communities and take away their voice.

November 7, 2019

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