Women’s Rights

Patricia M. Arnold Women’s Rights Project

The Patricia M. Arnold Women’s Rights Project combats gender bias in Virginia by protecting and advancing the equal rights of women through public education, advocacy, and litigation. Key areas of concern include equal educational and economic opportunities for women, reproductive rights, violence against women, and the treatment of incarcerated women.

Contact the Patricia M. Arnold Women’s Rights Project

If you need assistance with a legal matter, would like a speaker on women’s rights for an event or meeting, or want to know more about women’s rights in Virginia, please send an email to gdeady@acluva.org, write to Women’s Rights Project, ACLU of Virginia, 701 E. Franklin St, Ste. 1412, Richmond, VA 23219, or call 804-644-8022 and leave your name, telephone number, and a request to speak with someone about a women’s rights issue.

About Patricia Arnold

In 2007, Patricia M. Arnold, a pioneer woman aviator and longtime supporter of the ACLU of Virginia, left the bulk of her estate to the ACLU of Virginia Foundation to establish the Patricia M. Arnold Memorial Fund. The purpose of the fund, according to Ms. Arnold’s will, is “to combat through all legal means, the pervasive and powerful sexual bias and sexual discrimination against women found to exist in the State of Virginia.”

The ACLU of Virginia has since established The Patricia M. Arnold Women’s Rights Project, paid in large part by The Patricia M. Arnold Memorial Fund, to promote equal rights for women in Virginia.

Know Your Rights Materials

Know Your Rights: The Use of Shackles or Restraints on Pregnant Inmates
June 2011

Your Right to Pregnancy-Related Health Care in Prison or Jail
June 2011

News & Commentary

Fairfax City Repeals Ordinance Discriminating Against Abortion Providers

NEWS RELEASE: The local action mirrored steps taken by state politicians to subject abortion providers to sham restrictions designed to shut down clinics and end abortion access. read more »

ACLU-VA Calls On Board of Health to Amend Rules Targeting Abortion Providers

NEWS RELEASE - The ACLU-VA urges the Board of Health to adopt changes in the licensure rules now under consideration and to work to repeal the statute that imposes on abortion providers licensing requirements that are not justified by medical necessity and serve only to burden women by limiting access to safe, legal abortions. read more »

Advocating for Virginia’s Public School Students

IN THE NEWS: The ACLU of Virginia recently sent the following letters to school divisions regarding important rights issues affecting students. read more »

Sexism, Subjugation & Sweatpants: The Day I Said ‘No More’

GUEST BLOG: My school is promoting rape culture without even realizing it, pushing it on harmless girls as young as 14. This philosophy grows dangerous in a country where one in four women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime. (Updated Oct. 14, 2015 with the ACLU of Virginia's letter to the Chesterfield County School Board.) read more »

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In the Courts

Commonwealth v. J

Right to Abortion for Jail Inmate read more »

Liberty University v. Lew (amicus)

Defense of Health Care Law Against Religious Objections read more »

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