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In 2013, the Virginia Board of Health bowed to political pressure and advanced sham restrictions on Virginia women’s health centers that were designed solely to close clinics and restrict access to safe and legal abortion. Thankfully, the Board of Health is now reviewing these restrictions, and could approve amendments to roll back politically-motivated restrictions and keep health centers open, safe, and accessible for the women they serve. Help us fight back against these sham restrictions by submitting a public comment by 6 p.m. on July 1, 2016, in support of amendments to the Health Commissioner and Virginia Board of Health! Watch the video below for more information and then sign our online petition today!

pinkladywebThe ACLU of Virginia protects everyone’s right to make informed decisions free from government interference concerning reproduction and whether and when to become a parent.

Here is our one-page fact sheet about the current challenges to reproductive rights here in Virginia – Reproductive Freedom Project.

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We want to hear from you! Email us at to tell us why access to abortion matters to you, or share your experience of receiving care at a women’s health center in Virginia.

News & Commentary

A Loving Farewell to our Dedicated, Longest-Serving Board Member Stew Dunn

EXCERPT: Stew understood the core essence of the ACLU’s principles like very few people – that an open and compassionate mind combined with a strong sense of the value of individual rights and opinion will yield the best result in most situations. read more »

Fairfax City Repeals Ordinance Discriminating Against Abortion Providers

NEWS RELEASE: The local action mirrored steps taken by state politicians to subject abortion providers to sham restrictions designed to shut down clinics and end abortion access. read more »

ACLU-VA Calls On Board of Health to Amend Rules Targeting Abortion Providers

NEWS RELEASE - The ACLU-VA urges the Board of Health to adopt changes in the licensure rules now under consideration and to work to repeal the statute that imposes on abortion providers licensing requirements that are not justified by medical necessity and serve only to burden women by limiting access to safe, legal abortions. read more »

Some Virginia Lawmakers Flunk High School Civics

BLOG: Why do so many state lawmakers need a lesson in Civics 101? They seem to be ready to use any tactic, no matter how far-fetched, to punish Planned Parenthood for providing legal abortion services to women. read more »

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In the Courts

Commonwealth v. J

Right to Abortion for Jail Inmate read more »

Liberty University v. Lew (amicus)

Defense of Health Care Law Against Religious Objections read more »

ACLU v. Department of Health and Human Services

FOIA Lawsuit Pertaining to Reproductive Health Care for Undocumented Minors read more »

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