Due Process & Criminal Justice

Due process is the principle that the government must respect all of the legal rights that are guaranteed by the Constitution. The ACLU of Virginia protects the right to a fair trial with adequate legal representation and to fair sentencing practices.

News & Commentary

Fourth Circuit Vindicates First Amendment Right to Access Court Proceedings, Rejects Secret Litigation

(04/19/2014) In a resounding victory for the First Amendment right of access to court records, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit in Richmond held this week in Company Doe v. Public Citizen that a district court should not have sealed records and allowed the use of a pseudonym in a challenge to the inclusion of a product safety report in a federal consumer product safety database. read more »

Governor McAuliffe Announces Significant Reforms to Restoration of Rights Policy

Richmond, VA -- Today, Governor McAuliffe announced two important reforms to the restoration of civil rights process. First, all drug offenses will be considered non-violent instead of violent offenses, and processed under the less onerous criteria for restoration of rights. Second, the mandatory five year waiting period for individuals convicted of violent felonies has been reduced to three years. read more »

Highlights from Billion Dollar Divide: Virginia’s Sentencing, Corrections and Criminal Justice Challenge

(04/15/2014) The Justice Policy Institute (JPI) is out with a great new report, and its findings should serve as a wake up call to Virginia’s lawmakers: read more »

2014 Virginia Legislative Session Provides Mixed Results for Civil Liberties

The 2014 Session of the Virginia General Assembly left the ACLU of Virginia and its 10,000 members and supporters with little reason to cheer and significant reason to worry about the state of civil liberties in the Commonwealth when the General Assembly adjourns sine die read more »

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In the Courts

Vollette v. Watson

Contract Workers’ Challenge to Jail Strip Search read more »

Smith v. Commonwealth (amicus)

Attorney’s Comments about the Virginia Supreme Court read more »

Commonwealth v. Foltz (amicus)

Warrantless GPS Tracking read more »

U.S. v. Day (amicus)

Private Security Guards as State Actors (amicus) read more »

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