Due Process & Criminal Justice

Due process is the principle that the government must respect all of the legal rights that are guaranteed by the Constitution. The ACLU of Virginia protects the right to a fair trial with adequate legal representation and to fair sentencing practices.

News & Commentary

ACLU-VA Applauds Restoration of Voting Rights

NEWS RELEASE: The ACLU of Virginia welcomes Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s executive order today that restores the voting rights of hundreds of thousands of Virginians convicted of felonies but who have completed their sentences. read more »

ACLU-VA Statement Regarding Legislature’s Approval of Governor’s Amendments to HB815

STATEMENT: The Virginia General Assembly failed the public interest today by agreeing to impose a veil of secrecy on executions in Virginia. read more »

Death in Jail: More Questions than Answers

BLOG: Our thoughts are with Mr. Mitchell’s family. It should not take a “critical incident,” as the report calls Mr. Mitchell’s death, to spur the state into action. read more »

Release the Names Now: Transparency Without Accountability Won’t Build Trust

OP-ED: Providing basic facts, including the names of the officers, as soon as possible after a critical incident is absolutely essential to building or rebuilding trust. read more »

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In the Courts

Commonwealth v. J

Right to Abortion for Jail Inmate read more »

Prieto v. Clarke

Challenge to Automatic Solitary Confinement for Death Row Prisoners read more »

Vollette v. Watson

Contract Workers’ Challenge to Jail Strip Search read more »

Smith v. Commonwealth (amicus)

Attorney’s Comments about the Virginia Supreme Court read more »

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