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Restoration of Rights in Virginia

On April 22, 2016, Gov. Terry McAuliffe signed a historic executive order restoring the civil rights of an estimated 206,000 disenfranchised Virginians. The order applies to all people formerly convicted of a felony who have 1) completed the terms of incarceration and 2) been released from supervised probation or parole.

Eligible individuals are now able to register to vote! Eligible individuals are also eligible to serve on a jury, run for office, and become a notary public.

Moving forward, the governor will continue to review eligibility and issue orders restoring the civil rights of Virginians.

The ACLU of Virginia thanks the governor and celebrates this historic executive order after years of advocacy for restoration of rights. Read our March 2016 letter to the governor urging this action.

Click here for more information on this historic executive order and answers to common questions.

Check Your Restoration Status

Virginians are encouraged to check their restoration status online.

If you believe your rights have been restored, but your name does not appear on the list, call the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s Restoration of Rights Division at 804-692-0104. The Secretary of the Commonwealth and the Department of Elections are working to import large amounts of data to fully implement the executive order.

All individuals who have had their rights restored can register to vote immediately. You must register to vote before voting in any election. Any individual applying to register to vote must swear under oath on the application, state that they have been convicted of a felony, and that they have had their rights restored.

Register to vote at

If you encounter a problem or difficulty obtaining your restoration status or registering to vote, contact the ACLU of Virginia.

How to have your Restoration of Rights Shown on your Criminal Record

Once your civil rights have been restored by the Governor, you may have a notation added to your Virginia Criminal Record showing your Restoration of Rights.

To have such a statement added to your criminal record, you must submit a complete set of fingerprints, taken by a law enforcement agency on an “Applicant Fingerprint Card.” Click here for further instructions.

Need More Information or Have Questions?

Secretary of the Commonwealth’s Restoration of Rights Division
P.O. Box 2454
Richmond, VA 23218
(804) 692-0104 or 1-855-575-9177

Virginia Voter Restoration Project
ACLU of Virginia
701 E. Franklin St., Ste. 1412
(804) 644-8080

Learn more about felon disfranchisement in the United States:  National ACLU

Get Informed: Briefing Paper on Felon Disenfranchisement in Virginia

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