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  1. Herndon Town Council Improves Controversial Solicitation Ordinance Aimed at Latino Day Laborers

    February 10, 2011Press releaseEquality & Sex Discrimination, Free Speech, Immigrants' Rights
  2. Black History Month III: Fear and Loving in Virginia

    February 14, 2011News updateEquality & Sex Discrimination
  3. Anti-Immigrant Bills Fall in Virginia Senate

    February 17, 2011Press releaseEquality & Sex Discrimination, Immigrants' Rights
  4. Black History Month IV: George Smith and the Virginia Voting Rights Miracle

    February 21, 2011News updateEquality & Sex Discrimination, Voting Rights
  5. Giles County School Board Orders Ten Commandments to Be Taken Down

    February 23, 2011Press release
  6. Newport News Officials Say They Support Repeal of Unconstitutional Ban on Panhandling

    February 24, 2011Press releaseFree Speech
  7. ACLU Tells Court Religious Beliefs Should Not Dictate Insurance Coverage For Reproductive Health Care

    February 25, 2011Press releaseReproductive Freedom, Women’s Rights
  8. ACLU Tells Floyd County High School to Allow Students to Post Ten Commandments on Lockers

    February 25, 2011Press release
  9. Liberty University v. Geithner (amicus)

    February 25, 2011CaseReligious Liberty
  10. 2011 Winter Issues Brunch

    February 13, 2011Event