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  1. Meet our new Director of Finance and Administration Jess Powers

    November 1, 2017News update
  2. ACLU Available to Assist Voters Denied Poll Access

    November 2, 2017Press releaseVoting Rights
  3. 44 Senators Oppose Attorney General Jeff Sessions' Reversal of DOJ's Position on Transgender Discrimination

    November 2, 2017News updateLGBT Rights
  4. New Jersey and Virginia Can Show What Resistance In the States Looks Like

    November 7, 2017News updateVoting Rights
  5. ACLU-VA Statement on Election Day Robo-Calls

    November 7, 2017News updateVoting Rights
  6. Cuccinelli and Gastañaga: Making Change Virginians Can Agree On

    November 27, 2017News updateData Privacy, Criminal Justice, Criminal Law Reform, Privacy & Technology
  7. Elected Officials: Stop Blocking Your Constituents on Social Media!

    November 27, 2017News updateFree Speech
  8. ACLU-VA Opposes Virginia's DNA Databank Expansion

    November 9, 2017Press releaseCriminal Law Reform, Criminal Justice
  9. Get a Warrant: ACLU Fights for Cell Phone Privacy

    November 29, 2017News updateData Privacy, Privacy & Technology
  10. Brian Davison v. Phyllis Randall (amicus)

    November 28, 2017CaseFree Speech, Privacy & Technology