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  1. Adoption Controversy Keeps Voters Guessing about Governor’s LGBT Views

    May 2, 2011News updateEquality & Sex Discrimination, LGBT Rights
  2. Virginia Judge Reverses Course Again, Allows Gay Couple to Share Hyphenated Last Name

    May 4, 2011Press releaseEquality & Sex Discrimination, LGBT Rights
  3. Inside Voices an Unreasonable Standard for City Life

    May 11, 2011News updateFree Speech
  4. Groups Demand Delay of Rule Allowing Private Adoption Agencies to Discriminate Based on Sexual Orientation

    May 17, 2011Press releaseEquality & Sex Discrimination, LGBT Rights
  5. ACLU Tells Virginia Department of Taxation that Official Prayers at Government Functions Violate Religious Liberty

    May 24, 2011Press release
  6. Prince William County Public School Officials Agree to Remove LGBT Web Filter in Response to ACLU Complaint

    May 26, 2011Press releaseEquality & Sex Discrimination, Free Speech, LGBT Rights
  7. Judge’s Royal Indignation a Threat to Free Speech

    May 27, 2011News updateFree Speech
  8. Fair Redistricting in Virginia (2011)

    May 15, 2011PublicationVoting Rights, Racial Justice
  9. Review of 2011 Legislation

    May 1, 2011Legislation