The ACLU of Virginia mourns the passing of Jules Cohen, a staunch supporter of civil liberties and former board member.
Although an ACLU member since the beginning of the civil rights movement, Jules’ support for the organization was solidified by the controversial Skokie case, in which the ACLU took the unpopular but principled stance of defending the rights of Nazi marchers in Skokie, Illinois.
During his tenure on the board from 2004-2007, soft-spoken, caring and always thoughtful Jules was well-respected by his peers.  In 2006, Jules was one of five veteran ACLU supporters honored by the national ACLU for his leadership, dedication and generosity to the organization.
We are grateful for Jules’ commitment to the ACLU and for his lasting legacy of supporting civil liberties and civil rights, which continues with his children.  Our thoughts are with his family and friends during this difficult time.
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