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A VDOC Staff's Story

These words are from a staff member at a Virginia Department of Corrections facility: "I showed up to work only to be written up by my employer for being out sick. At the entrance to the facility, they are stopping everyone and screening them for symptoms. I presented that morning with 4 out of 5 of the major symptoms related to COVID-19, but did not have a fever. They allowed me on the facility and through shakedown to my office, noticeably sick because I was asked by several DOC officers if I was feeling ok. It wasn’t until my boss saw me at my desk, visibly sick, that she decided to send me home. I’m still being written up for my absences, even though I’m still under the care of my doctor and have presented several notes to support that. Many individuals who are testing positive for the virus aren’t experiencing a fever, and presenting with 4 of 5 major symptoms. The DOC is playing fast and loose with the health of the inmates by continuing to allow workers to come on the facility, regardless of their symptoms. I feel that this injustice needs to be shared and needs to be addressed because these men and women deserve better treatment than that."