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An Incarcerated Woman's Story

These words are from a woman who is incarcerated: "A plea for help from a prisoner in the Virginia Department of Corrections… When Governor Northam proposed and the General Assembly voted to allow VDOC to release the nearly 2,000 inmates with less than 1 year on their sentence, they did so to provide some relief to prison overcrowding during this severe medical situation. They did so in good faith that the DOC and Director Harold Clarke would not abuse this power or use it as a further way to punish those prisoners in their care. It’s sad to say, but this is not the case. The criteria they are using to evaluate those with less than a year is convoluted at best, downright petty at worst. We are locked down on top of one another with no possible way to social distance. I am an Asthmatic with a lifelong history of respiratory issues and have 7 months left to serve and fear that if I contract this disease in here, I won’t live to see my family again because the care is so poor."