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  1. Virginia Court Affirms Vermont’s Jurisdiction in Same-Sex Couple’s Interstate Custody Dispute

    August 20, 2008Press releaseCriminal Legal Reform, Gender & Sex Discrimination, LGBT Rights
  2. Court Upholds Privacy Advocate’s Right to Post Public Records on Website

    August 22, 2008Press releaseFree Speech, Privacy & Technology
  3. ACLU Urges Registrars to Allow Students to Register to Vote in Local Elections

    September 4, 2008Press releaseVoting Rights
  4. Virginia Supreme Court Rules State Anti-SPAM Law Violates Free Speech by Curtailing Non-commercial Political Speech

    September 12, 2008Press releaseFree Speech
  5. ACLU Asks Virginia Police Chiefs to Train Personnel on the Rights of Persons Who Register Voters

    September 24, 2008Press releaseFree Speech, Voting Rights
  6. Common Hopes for Reproductive Freedom

    January 12, 2009Press releaseGender & Sex Discrimination, Reproductive Freedom, Women’s Rights
  7. Obama Must Dig Deep into Federal Rules and Regulations to Undo Bush’s Damage to Civil Liberties

    November 5, 2008Press releaseCriminal Legal Reform, LGBT Rights, Privacy & Technology
  8. Unconstitutional Secrecy Provisions Hide Iraq War Costs and Public Safety Information from the Public

    January 15, 2009Press releaseFree Speech, Open Government
  9. ACLU Assists Farmville Demonstrators Opposed to Construction of New Immigrant Detention Center

    January 13, 2009Press releaseFree Speech
  10. ACLU Tells Richmond Officials to Drop Proposal Prohibiting Panhandling of Vehicle Occupants

    January 13, 2009Press releaseFree Speech