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  1. ACLU-VA Tells Governor to Stop All Executions and Update Protocols for Transparency

    March 17, 2017Press releaseDeath Penalty
  2. No Solace in Executing Mentally Ill Killers

    December 6, 2017News updateDeath Penalty
  3. ACLU-VA Urged Governor Northam to Bring Transparency to Executions in Virginia

    June 18, 2018Press releaseDeath Penalty
  4. A Confederate Portrait, Racial Bias, and the Death Penalty in Virginia

    October 17, 2018News updateDeath Penalty
  5. ACLU-VA Asks Governor to Stop Upcoming Execution

    January 13, 2017Press releaseDeath Penalty
  6. When the State Kills Someone in Our Name, the Entire Process Should Be Open to the Public.

    October 10, 2019News updateDeath Penalty
  7. ACLU-VA Statement On Repeal Of Death Penalty in Virginia

    February 22, 2021Press releaseDeath Penalty, Racial Justice, Criminal Law Reform
  8. Virginia Became First in the South to Abolish Death Penalty

    March 24, 2021Press releaseDeath Penalty, Criminal Law Reform