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  1. Fair Redistricting in Virginia (2011)

    May 15, 2011PublicationVoting Rights, Racial Justice
  2. Broken Justice: The Death Penalty in Virginia

    November 30, 2003PublicationDeath Penalty, Criminal Legal Reform, Racial Justice
  3. Unequal, Unfair and Irreversible: The Death Penalty in Virginia

    December 15, 2000PublicationDeath Penalty, Criminal Legal Reform, Racial Justice
  4. Commonwealth v. Castillo

    November 3, 2011CaseGender & Sex Discrimination, Racial Justice, Police Practices
  5. One Nation, Under God

    February 24, 2018News updateRacial Justice, Free Speech
  6. Mobile Justice

    October 2, 2015PageCriminal Law Reform, Criminal Legal Reform, Racial Justice
  7. Federal Office for Civil Rights Opens Investigation of Discrimination in Richmond Public Schools

    April 17, 2017Press releaseRacial Justice, Juvenile Justice, Criminal Law Reform
  8. Looking back on Loving v. Virginia 52 years later

    June 12, 2019News updateRacial Justice
  9. HOME of Virginia, Inc. v. Wisely Properties, LLC and Multifamily Management Services, Inc.

    June 4, 2019CaseRacial Justice, Criminal Legal Reform
  10. ACLU Calls on State Officials and Bureau of Prisons to Collect and Release COVID-19 Demographic Data

    April 21, 2020Press releaseRacial Justice