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  1. PETA v. City of Norfolk

    January 9, 2014CaseOpen Government
  2. McBurney v. Young (amicus)

    January 2, 2013CaseOpen Government
  3. ACLU v. Holder

    November 30, 2009CaseFree Speech, Open Government
  4. ACLU v. Department of Health and Human Services

    November 17, 2008CaseImmigrants' Rights, Open Government, Reproductive Freedom
  5. Giarratano v. Johnson

    January 18, 2006CaseOpen Government, Prisoners' Rights
  6. Little High Neighborhood Association Steering Committee v. Region Ten Community Services Board

    December 1, 2009CaseOpen Government
  7. Zaleski v. JIRC

    February 23, 2005CaseOpen Government
  8. Fisher-Davenport v. Bowser

    May 28, 2002CaseGender & Sex Discrimination, LGBT Rights, Open Government
  9. Johnson v. Woodward (amicus)

    December 22, 2009CaseFree Speech, Open Government
  10. Norwood v. Karn

    January 7, 2011CaseFree Speech, Open Government