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  1. “Surveillance-Industrial Complex” Aids Government Monitoring of Americans, ACLU Warns in New Report

    August 9, 2004Press releasePrivacy & Technology
  2. Court Hearing Tomorrow: ACLU to Argue that Woman’s Methadone Treatment is Not Grounds to Revoke Probation

    August 19, 2004Press releaseCriminal Legal Reform, Women’s Rights
  3. ACLU Warns Virginia Localities Not to Restrict Political Campaign Signs on Private Property

    August 19, 2004Press releaseFree Speech
  4. ACLU of Virginia Denounces Same-Sex Custody Decision

    August 24, 2004Press releaseLGBT Rights
  5. Miller-Jenkins v. Miller-Jenkins

    August 30, 2004CaseGender & Sex Discrimination, LGBT Rights
  6. Martin v. Ziherl (amicus)

    August 30, 2004CasePrivacy & Technology, Gender & Sex Discrimination
  7. Commonwealth v. Bucklin

    August 9, 2004CaseCriminal Legal Reform