I couldn’t be more excited to work with the ACLU of Virginia as the new office assistant.

As a queer Venezuelan immigrant woman, I have had a hard time finding a good fit, but I have found a home in the diverse and accepting staff of the ACLU-VA. I was drawn to the organization’s dedication and service to people through the defense of justice and equality. In this role, I hope to aid the ACLU-VA to advocate for those who need it most by providing support and a unique perspective to every staff member. My desire to organize, label, and color code everything will hopefully prove to be most useful to this organization that takes on so much work for all of Virginia.

My family immigrated to the USA from Venezuela when I was three, and I am a proud dual citizen. We have lived in Virginia since 2009, and although I have not been a resident long, I feel strongly about empowering marginalized Virginians.

I graduated from the College of William & Mary with a degree in kinesiology in 2015. Since then I have discovered a passion for law, and am hoping to start law school in 2019. I am especially enthusiastic about civil rights and immigration issues and hope to make positive impacts in these fields as an attorney. I cannot resist fixing things, whether that is our political and judicial systems, my car, or a broken toy for my nephew and son —er, I mean my dog. 

I see the ACLU as a “superhero” organization: We are a line of defense when governments attempt to rob individuals of their guaranteed rights. When the ACLU stands up for the people in our community, I plan to help it do so as effectively and efficiently as possible. 

I am just a small dot in a huge, incredible planet trying to do big things.