I am a Richmond native and second generation Vietnamese American. My family fled their homeland at the end of the Vietnam War. They worked hard to provide me and my siblings with all the opportunities they were not able to have. My parents made sure that I understood how lucky I was to be raised in America. I especially hold on to the idea that in America everyone has a voice and the ability to fight for our rights.

I have never taken for granted the freedoms I enjoy because my parents sacrificed so much leaving their home. This family history has guided my values and opinions on freedom and equality. A family legacy fighting for democracy is not unique, but it has certainly guided my personal life. Growing up with these strong examples from my family instilled a lifelong passion for human rights, social justice and equality. 

I especially hold on to the idea that in America everyone has a voice and the ability to fight for our rights.

The majority of my adulthood was focused on achieving success in the private sector. I have decades of sales and management experience and for the past two years worked closely with local nonprofits. The skills and experience I accumulated in the past 20 years translated perfectly to philanthropy. I enjoy building relationships and have a degree in economics with experience in data analytics.

After 20 years in sales, I made the decision to integrate my personal values and passions with my career. I wanted to have a purpose to what I was waking up and doing every day. I knew I wanted to work for an organization that protects our freedoms and has the ability to create systemic change.

In my role as the development associate, I want to bring my skills to the ACLU of Virginia to help foster a culture of philanthropy within our organization. I am focused on finding ways to improve our fundraising efforts to support our mission. I also look forward to connecting with our supporters. I’m especially excited to learn more about what drives support when it comes to civil liberties.

I have learned so much from my fellow staff members. Their dedication and passion is truly inspiring. I'm incredibly grateful to the ACLU of Virginia for giving me the opportunity to work toward a more free and equal Virginia.