"I fell in love with her baby blue eyes." -- Dawn D and S pride
"I fell in love with her determination." -- Sarah
Dawn and I have been together for more than 15 years. In the beginning things were tough. Dawn was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and required both chemotherapy and radiation. We were raising our son who was only two at the time. He has Spina Bifida and we were all trying to navigate his special needs. We were just starting out in our jobs and money was tight. Throughout Dawn’s illness both of our families united to help us through.
Thankfully, Dawn went into remission. We learned the importance of doing legal paperwork to protect us in the event of a medical crisis. Paperwork that straight married couples do not need to worry about. Dawn is now a radiation therapist, treating cancer patients as she once was.
Six years ago we had our youngest son. During this time of great joy and adjustment, we also went through the process of obtaining joint legal custody for Dawn so she would have some rights to the funny and active boy we share. The boys call us “Mama Sarah” and “Mama D.”
Norris family picWe were married in Provincetown, Mass on June 24, 2010 but our marriage is not recognized in Virginia. This is an insult to our union and to our boys. It also complicates everyday life including doctor appointments for the boys, health insurance issues, public school relations, and taxes (filing as married federally but single for the state). Every day it seems we have to justify ourselves but in truth our marriage should need no justification.
We must stand up for marriage equality in honor of those before us and those ahead of us. We stand up because our children deserve to feel that their family is as important as anyone else’s family.

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