By Jack Lohmann
Jack LohmannAfter years of political advocacy and campaign work, I’m thrilled to be an intern with the ACLU of Virginia this summer. A Richmond native, I’ll be working with the team at the ACLU of Virginia to develop new outreach initiatives, connect with students, and conduct research on some of the pressing issues that this organization confronts on a daily basis.
A lifelong political fascination has led me to Douglas Freeman High School in Henrico County, where I’m currently a student in the Center for Leadership, Government, and Global Economics. The Leadership Center, a countywide magnet program founded in the social sciences, seeks to produce principle-centered servant leaders through a curriculum heavy on related subject matter.
My political volunteering has included the McAuliffe, Warner, and Trammell political campaigns, and I am active in the World Affairs Council of Greater Richmond and the US Global Leadership Coalition, where I serve as a State Leader. I’ve been a violinist for 12 years, including eight with the Richmond Symphony Youth Orchestra and four with the Hyperborean Quartet. My environmental research has garnered state and national recognition, including the Stockholm Junior Water Prize and a lifetime fellowship with the American Junior Academy of Science. I am a longtime daffodil enthusiast and exhibitor with the Virginia Daffodil Society.
Though I was first drawn to the ACLU through my research into the political influence and human rights abuses of America’s private prison industry, I look forward to working on a variety of topics during my time here as I continue to develop my passions for civil rights, public policy, and political advocacy.