by Kathy Greenier, Reproductive Freedom Project Director
Last year we told you about how the Criminal Law Subcommittee of the House Courts of Justice doubled down on the legislature’s decision to place a politician between a woman and her doctor. The subcommittee “tabled” (the legislative word for killed) a bill that would have repealed a 2012 law that requires every woman having an abortion to have an ultrasound 24 hours prior to her procedure.
This year, we unfortunately face more of the same from some politicians who believe their place is in the exam room. This morning, the Senate Education and Health Committee rejected two bills that would have fixed the wrongs of the mandatory ultrasound law. However, we’re not giving up.
Tomorrow, a House Committee will hear another bill that would repeal the mandatory ultrasound law and make sure health care decisions are between a woman and her doctor, not politicians. We won’t stop until Virginia women are free to make the best decision for their circumstances, sans politicians.
In order for us to succeed, politicians must understand that the mandatory ultrasound law is about political interference, not informed consent. We have to make sure they know that requiring ultrasound before abortion is intended to shame, judge, and make a woman change her mind. You can help us win by telling your legislator that politicians should not interfere in women’s private medical decisions.
To help pass the bill, your legislator needs to hear from you.
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