by Jayne Barnard, President, ACLU of Virginia Board of Directors
On Saturday, May 19, the Board of Directors of the ACLU of Virginia honored Kent Willis for 25 years of service as Executive Director.  Many words were said, and many toasts were offered.  The placque we presented neatly summarizes the love and respect the Board holds for Kent:

To Kent Willis

For 25 Years of Extraordinary Leadership and Passionate Advocacy for the Civil Liberties of All Virginians

You have led the ACLU of Virginia to successes in the courtroom, the General Assembly, and even in the hearts and minds of persons whose hearts seemed hard and whose minds seemed fixed. You have taken a few knocks but have shown unfailing humanity toward both those who cherish the ACLU and those who revile it. You have been thoughtful, fearless, measured, and fierce, as needed. You have used your powerful intellect and your calm voice to do much good.

Thank You!

From your 2011-12 Board of Directors ACLU of Virginia May 19, 2012

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