By Elizabeth Wong, Associate Director
Unless something surprising happens, the fall of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is inevitable. It’s time is up, and just about everyone seems to understand that—the voting public, most of the military establishment, the President, and the House of Representatives.  It’s even clear that a majority of the Senate favors repeal of DADT.
That’s why it was so disappointing for me to hear yesterday that the Senate failed, by a vote of 57-40, to move ahead on a vote to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.  I can only imagine how frustrated all the gay and lesbian service members must feel.  These heroes, who continue to risk their lives in defense of our country while having to deny a part of who they are, deserve better.
The Senate, which plans to recess for the holidays, should stick around to vote on repealing DADT whether as part of the National Defense Authorization Act or a stand-alone bill, as may be proposed by Sens. Joe Lieberman and Susan Collins.
Thankfully, both Virginia senators voted to move forward with debate on DADT.  We had our concerns about Senator Jim Webb on this issue. However since the release of the Pentagon’s report, we remain hopeful that he will support repeal of this unfair policy.
We need to keep applying pressure and remind our senators to stand up for all members of the military.  Call Senators Webb (202-224-4024) and Warner (202-224-2023) and urge them to support repeal of DADT.