By ACLU of Virginia Anonymous

I giddily anticipate Banned Books Week. It's such a pleasant (and scintillating) treat,
To read the books the prudes say shouldn't be, By the greatest authors from A to Z.
For each of the writers listed below, Has felt the sting of the censor's blow.
Joyfully, though, their works are existent, Thanks in most part to our First Amendment.
Here's my alphabetic menagerie. (Forgive, if you will, the bad poetry.)
I'll begin with Amis and Angelou, Then Baldwin, Balzac and Boccaccio.
Chomsky and Carrol's logic we do laud, But passion pushed Dos Passos and DeSade.
The two Ellisons, Harlan and Ralph, Liked Faulkner and Fitzgerald's fiery mouths.
Dazzling couples make Golding and Goethe, And Huxley and Heller (he's the absurder).
There's the eternal Jameses, Jones and Joyce, Whose graves roll at Stephen King's creepy voice.
Lawrence and Lewis are more than filler, As are Marquez, Machiavelli, and Miller.
Of the N's, I know only diarist Nin, Who pairs with Orwell, her equal in sin.
Paine, Plath and Pynchon for the P's suffice, Then a meal of Rabelais, Rouseau, and Rice.
Shakespeare and Shaw make a dramatic pair, With no end at Salinger and Sinclair,
For the S's include Steinbeck and Swift, Also Stein and Sanger, women's great gifts.
The T's have Tolstoy, Tolkien and Twain, But there's not a U I think of to name.
Voltaire could love Vidal and Vonnegut, And Whitman and Walker fittingly abut.
Authors X, Y, and Z require a reach, Taking us on an odyssey to Greece.
Xenophon wrote of thrashing the Persians, At whom he hurled acerbic aspersions,
(But when he conformed to his own writings, He was exiled from Athens for fighting.)
Yanni's no writer but a musician, To whom no one should be made to listen,
But he's a model of the ironclad rule, That the bland can avoid the censor's tool.
Zeno was a truth-seeker logical, Scorned for being so paradoxical,
He was lanced through while stabbing a despot, When he paused to judge it moral or not.
Well, no more letters, so this poem's done. (Although with Cyrillic we'd have more fun.)