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Most Anti-LGBT Legislative Session in Virginia History Part of National Trend

BLOG: Legislators across the country seem to be competing for who can win the title of most anti-LGBT. read more »

Va. ECPA Would Keep Personal Data Private

NEWS RELEASE: Without a warrant, or our express permission, government simply shouldn’t be searching through our private information read more »

Meet Our New Legal Director, Leslie Mehta!

I am excited to be part of an organization that works on the most important constitutional issues of our time and I look forward to working on an array of different issues. read more »

SCOTUS to Consider Whether Refusing a BAC Test Should be a Crime

BLOG: When police pull you over and suspect you’ve been drinking and driving, an investigation is already underway. In that situation, it’s important to know what you can and cannot do, and the rules may be about to change. read more »

Virginia Law Enforcement, You’re Going to Have to Face It: You’re Addicted to Cash

BLOG: Two new reports show Virginia’s civil asset forfeiture laws have encouraged policing for profit, shifting massive amounts of money from the public’s pockets into law enforcement coffers. read more »

Please Welcome Liz Musselman, Our New Director of Philanthropy!

BLOG: I am thrilled to join the staff of the ACLU of Virginia’s as its director of philanthropy. read more »

New Ruling on Marijuana Goes Too Far

BLOG: Virginia law enforcement officers may now use the smell of marijuana to justify entering your home without a warrant. read more »

Advocating for Virginia’s Public School Students

IN THE NEWS: The ACLU of Virginia recently sent the following letters to school divisions regarding important rights issues affecting students. read more »

Sexism, Subjugation & Sweatpants: The Day I Said ‘No More’

GUEST BLOG: My school is promoting rape culture without even realizing it, pushing it on harmless girls as young as 14. This philosophy grows dangerous in a country where one in four women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime. (Updated Oct. 14, 2015 with the ACLU of Virginia's letter to the Chesterfield County School Board.) read more »

Executions at any Cost

BLOG: Virginia is nearing its first execution in three years. On Oct. 1, the Commonwealth is scheduled to execute Alfredo Prieto. If the execution of Mr. Prieto goes ahead as scheduled, the Commonwealth will show that the machinery of death trumps government transparency, accountability, and the U.S. Constitution. read more »

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