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Do You Want Our Business or Would You Prefer We Take it Elsewhere?

GUEST BLOG: We must keep Virginia open for business for all. read more »

Some Virginia Lawmakers Flunk High School Civics

BLOG: Why do so many state lawmakers need a lesson in Civics 101? They seem to be ready to use any tactic, no matter how far-fetched, to punish Planned Parenthood for providing legal abortion services to women. read more »

ACLU-VA Opposes Denying Government Contracts Based on Speech

POSITION: It is unconstitutional to deny government contracts based on speech because that action amounts to an attempt to suppress free speech. read more »

An Undeniable Truth: All Virginians are Created Equal

GUEST BLOG: The onslaught of proposals to enshrine anti-gay bias in our laws is a reaction to this simple truth and highlights the darkness that grips some Virginians. read more »

Gender isn’t What is in Your Pants. It’s What’s Between Your Ears.

GUEST BLOG: Going to school every day is an act of courage by my daughter. There, she is required to use a separate bathroom, off of a closet. read more »

ACLU-VA Joins with Coalition to Fight Blatantly Discriminatory SB40

COALITION LETTER: SB 40 gives court clerks carte blanche to discriminate. read more »

I Have Been Using the Men’s Bathroom for 6 Years Without Incident

GUEST BLOG: We don't want to infringe anyone's privacy. We just want our own to be respected. read more »

Gavin Grimm Statement Regarding School Sex Discrimination Lawsuit

GAVIN GRIMM: "I am fighting this fight because no kid should have to think so hard about performing a basic and private function of being alive." read more »

Anti-LGBT Laws Would Dial Back Progress in Public Schools

GUEST BLOG: These bills will affect the ability of public schools to attract employees and families, and will also impact colleges and universities in bringing in professors and students. read more »

Get a Warrant, Get Consent or Get Out

Virginia residents should know that the government is working to protect their privacy, not violate it. read more »

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