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Freshen the Air in Your Car and Risk Getting Stopped by Police

BLOG: For more than 25 years, Virginia law has prohibited drivers from hanging objects from the rear-view mirror “in such a manner as to obstruct the driver’s clear view of the highway.” read more »

Virginia’s Bathroom Case to Have Broad Implications

BLOG: Neither Gavin, nor any other transgender student, should be humiliated by having his identity disrespected and undermined every time he has to use the restroom at school. read more »

ACLU-VA Statement Regarding Legislature’s Approval of Governor’s Amendments to HB815

STATEMENT: The Virginia General Assembly failed the public interest today by agreeing to impose a veil of secrecy on executions in Virginia. read more »

Tell the Governor You’d Rather Not: Say No to Secrecy on Death

OP-ED: The legislature should reject the governor’s amendments and embark on a long overdue discussion of whether Virginia should join the 18 states that have made the ultimate humane choice to discontinue the death penalty entirely. read more »

Death in Jail: More Questions than Answers

BLOG: Our thoughts are with Mr. Mitchell’s family. It should not take a “critical incident,” as the report calls Mr. Mitchell’s death, to spur the state into action. read more »

A Student’s Perspective on Race Relations & Public Education

GUEST BLOG: If the purpose of public schools is to educate young people, then I think young people would agree that school needs to be a forum for conversation about these kinds of issues. read more »

Release the Names Now: Transparency Without Accountability Won’t Build Trust

OP-ED: Providing basic facts, including the names of the officers, as soon as possible after a critical incident is absolutely essential to building or rebuilding trust. read more »

Virginia Wisely Rejects Secret Police

BLOG: For now, at least, this dystopic vision can remain just a fantasy for law enforcement. read more »

All Viewpoints Welcome in a Public Forum

BLOG: While certain displays might continue to offend some patrons’ sensibilities, it should be clear now that the library has created a public forum. read more »

Please Welcome Charlie Schmidt, Our New Public Policy Associate!

BLOG: I am honored to be working for the ACLU of Virginia as its new Public Policy Associate. read more »

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