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So Much for the Fruit of the Poisonous Tree

BLOG: With the ruling in Strieff, the court has again lost its way in its reading of the Fourth Amendment. read more »

SCOTUS Makes the Call on Whether Refusing a BAC Test Can be a Crime

BLOG: When police pull you over and suspect you’ve been drinking and driving, an investigation is already underway. In that situation, it’s important to know what you can and cannot do, and the rules may be about to change. read more »

Mobile Justice Smart Phone App Can Protect You and Others

BLOG: Given the alarming number of instances of police abuse across the country documented by victims or witnesses on their phone cameras, the need for the app is quite real. read more »

ACLU Statement on the Passing of Civil Liberties Heavyweight and ACLU Client Muhammad Ali

ACLU's ROMERO: "Muhammad Ali was much more than a boxer — and that's something, considering he was The Greatest of all time." read more »

Planning to Attend a Political Rally? Whether in Support or Protest, Be Sure to Know Your Rights

BLOG: Many rally attendees may not know the full scope of their rights in Virginia. It is important to distinguish what protections are afforded by federal law and what protections, or lack of protections, are afforded by Virginia. read more »

Should Independent Review of All Police-Involved Killings be Mandated?

BLOG: Perhaps it’s time to mandate that all police-caused fatalities be investigated by a state-level, multi-disciplinary team. read more »

ACLU-VA Joins Va. Legislative Black Caucus in Rallies to Support Restoration of Rights

NEWS RELEASE: The Virginia Legislative Black Caucus, the ACLU of Virginia and other statewide partners will host four Voices for the Vote Rallies across the Commonwealth on June 1 and 4. read more »

The Federal Government & More States Reforming Use of Solitary Confinement; Will Virginia be One of Them?

BLOG: VDOC and ROSP must provide transparency and implement an effective plan that permanently moves away from this practice that makes a mockery of human rights. The effects of solitary confinement are destructive to the human body and mind – that is a universal truth. read more »

Freshen the Air in Your Car and Risk Getting Stopped by Police

BLOG: For more than 25 years, Virginia law has prohibited drivers from hanging objects from the rear-view mirror “in such a manner as to obstruct the driver’s clear view of the highway.” read more »

Virginia’s Bathroom Case to Have Broad Implications

BLOG: Neither Gavin, nor any other transgender student, should be humiliated by having his identity disrespected and undermined every time he has to use the restroom at school. read more »

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