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Our Chance to Bring Constitutional Policing to Fairfax County

BLOG: This month is bookended by reminders of police abuse. Last Sunday marked one year since a police officer shot and killed Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and August 29 will mark the two-year anniversary of a police shooting that occurred much closer to home – the shooting of John Geer by a Fairfax County police officer. read more »

One Year into Post-Ferguson America

BLOG: For the justice movement, there is pre-Ferguson and post-Ferguson. One year ago today, a white Ferguson, Missouri police officer shot and killed Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager. read more »

Restore Voting Rights through the Voting Rights Advancement Act!

BLOG: Today, we sent a letter to the entire Virginia Congressional delegation asking them to restore the Voting Rights Act by supporting the Voting Rights Advancement Act. read more »

We went to Court to Protect Rights of Transgender Gloucester Student

BLOG: On Monday, we had our first court appearance in our lawsuit on behalf of Gavin Grimm, the Gloucester County teenager who has been barred from using the boy’s restroom at school. Here is a recap of the history of this landmark case, what happened in court on Monday, and what comes next. read more »

The Story of Loving to Marriage – Part 7 (Marriage? Check! Equality? Not Yet.)

BLOG: It’s been three weeks. The dust has settled. Freedom to marry is the law of the land! The scope of this historic victory makes it hard to imagine that there is still work to do to ensure equality for LGBT Virginians. Nevertheless, there is, and lots of it. read more »

Introducing Lachelle Roddy, The Secular Society Women’s Rights Research Assistant

BLOG: I am honored to join the ACLU of Virginia as The Secular Society Women's Rights Research Assistant focused on women’s rights. Working on women’s issues for a nonprofit has been a goal of mine since I was a tiny six year old. read more »

Please Welcome Katrina Spinner-Wilson to the ACLU of Virginia!

BLOG: Katrina Spinner-Wilson joins our Communications team as a volunteer for the summer. We welcome her talents and look forward to working with her over the next couple of months. read more »

The Story of Loving to Marriage – Part 6 (Marriage!)

BLOG: Wow. We all expected that the U.S. Supreme Court would declare marriage equality the law of the land, but nothing prepares you for the emotional impact of a historical moment like last Friday. Now that we’ve all had a chance to digest Justice Kennedy’s landmark opinion, we’re ready to take a step back and examine what the opinion says and what it means. read more »

Twenty-Three Years and Counting: Abortion Access and the Anniversary of Planned Parenthood v. Casey

BLOG: When the U.S. Supreme Court established in Roe v. Wade that women have a fundamental right to abortion, it helped to ensure that women could control their own lives. This was a huge victory for women’s equality – by ensuring that women could control their own reproductive lives, the Court helped ensure that women could control their economic and social future. read more »

The Story of Loving to Marriage – Part 5 (What’s DOMA Got to Do With It? A Lot!)

BLOG: As we anxiously await the U.S. Supreme Court’s freedom to marry decision, we look back at the landmark ACLU case that set the legal stage for the cases now before the Court. Two years ago today, the U.S. Supreme Court issued its ruling in United States v. Windsor, which struck down Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and required the federal government to recognize the lawful marriages of same-sex couples. read more »

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