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Huge Victory for Transparent and Accountable Government!

BLOG: Wow. Today the House of Delegates rejected legislation that would have created secret, experimental executions. This is a huge victory for advocates for transparent and accountable government! read more »

Senate Committee Denied Attempt to Arm Untrained School Security Officers

BLOG: Good news! Last week a Senate committee defeated legislation (HB 1309) that would have allowed school boards to arm school security officers (SSOs) with batons, stun weapons, and spray devices. read more »

Ground Hog Day: General Assembly Fails on Restoration of Rights Again

BLOG: The Virginia General Assembly is beginning to resemble Bill Murray’s movie Ground Hog Day! Every year, the ACLU of Virginia lobbies to ensure the fundamental right to vote for all eligible Virginians. And, every year the results are very much the same! Instead of ensuring the right to vote, the General Assembly goes in the opposite direction, year after year. read more »

2015 General Assembly Session Update

BLOG: We’ve just passed the halfway point of the 2015 Virginia General Assembly session and we’ve got some good news and some bad news. Here’s a snippet. read more »

The Senate Approved Secret, Experimental Executions … Now on to the House

BLOG: Should Virginia engage in secret, experimental executions? Regardless of where you stand on the issue of capital punishment, the answer should be easy – absolutely not! In the United States, government transparency and accountability are non-negotiable. Unfortunately, the McAuliffe administration and a majority of Senators disagree. read more »

Virginia’s Felony Larceny Threshold is Stuck in 1980

BLOG: It was 1980. John Dalton was Governor, a gallon of gasoline cost 86 cents, iPhones were science fiction, and Virginians were lining up to see The Empire Strikes Back on the big screen. It was also the last time that Virginia updated its felony larceny threshold – the amount that determines whether a person is charged with a felony or misdemeanor for larceny. read more »

The General Assembly should Ban the Box

BLOG: This week the Virginia Senate will vote on a bill that would help reduce recidivism, reduce the likelihood of discrimination in state hiring practices, and give Virginians’ seeking state employment a fair opportunity at a second chance. It should be a no-brainer. But, like many common sense bills at the General Assembly, it faces an uphill battle. read more »

Are Secret Human Experimentations Coming to Virginia?

BLOG: Secret and human experimentation are two concepts that should never intersect with Virginia’s capital punishment system. Unfortunately, some in the General Assembly seem to disagree. If these legislators get their way, Virginia’s capital punishment system would move into a world where human experimentation and secrecy become the norm. read more »

Ensure Medicaid-Eligible Women Have Access to Abortion

BLOG: Imagine you’re D.J. Feldman, from the Washington, D.C. area. Ms. Feldman learned at 11 weeks into her pregnancy that her fetus had anencephaly, meaning that if she carried to term, she would deliver a baby with almost no brain, and with zero chance of survival - anencephaly is always fatal read more »

Stop Discrimination In The Workplace: Bosses Should Not Use Religion As An Excuse To Discriminate!

BLOG: Remember the Supreme Court’s decision in the Hobby Lobby case? The Supreme Court discriminated against women, plain and simple, when it ruled that business owners can force their personal religious beliefs on their employees by denying them birth control coverage. read more »

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