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For Younger Generations, No Concept of Pre-9/11 America

BLOG: From personal experience, I can say that only relatively recently have I begun to fully understand why topics like the Patriot Act and NSA surveillance are so controversial, even though I have known about them for quite some time. read more »

ACLU Statement on the Passing of Civil Liberties Heavyweight and ACLU Client Muhammad Ali

ACLU's ROMERO: "Muhammad Ali was much more than a boxer — and that's something, considering he was The Greatest of all time." read more »

Heading Back to School? Don’t Forget Your Rights!

BLOG: It’s back to school time in the Commonwealth. So, we could think of no better time to highlight the role of students in securing our civil rights and liberties. read more »

2015 General Assembly Session Update

BLOG: We’ve just passed the halfway point of the 2015 Virginia General Assembly session and we’ve got some good news and some bad news. Here’s a snippet. read more »

Yes, Virginia, The ACLU Celebrates Christmas, too

BLOG: In 2014, we defended the right of the Richmond chapter of the National Day of Prayer to be granted a permit to host an National Day of Prayer in the Capitol Square. We also defended the right of a Virginia Community College student to conduct on campus evangelizing. These are just two examples of how we have protected and will continue to protect the right of all individuals to celebrate their faith, including celebrating Christmas, without government interference and without fear that government will ever promote one religion over another. read more »

The 2015 Legislative Session and LGBT Equality

BLOG: The tide is turning. A generation from now, we may look back on 2014 as the turning point in the fight for LGBT equality. But, while 2014 is the year marriage equality came to the Commonwealth, we will not have full equality for LGBT Virginians until we end discrimination in employment, housing, and access to services. read more »

Glenberg: Students, schools, and religion

OP ED: The new school year is about to begin and, as usual, we can expect a lot of confusion and controversy about religion in public schools. While the issue raises some complicated questions, the general principle is simple: A student has the right to exercise religion. A school may not exercise religion. read more »

Religion in our Public Schools

BLOG: With a new school year just around the corner, we can expect a lot of confusion and controversy about the role of religion in public schools. Can students exercise their faith during school hours? Can school officials promote one faith over others? read more »

Protecting Students from Religious Coercion

(06/03/2014) Public school students have a cherished and fundamental First Amendment right to express their religion in many ways throughout the school day. They may gather at the flagpole to pray; they may pray before meals; they may discuss religion with their peers; they may include their beliefs in their academic work, and they may distribute religious literature. read more »

Celebrating Five Amazing Women and Their Right to Love as We Close Women’s History Month

(03/27/2014) Virginia is for lovers, or so they say. Yet, for many Virginians this motto couldn’t be further from the truth. As Women’s History Month comes to an end, we honor five Virginia women who have stood up for their right to love the people they love – thus paving the way for a Virginia that is truly for ALL lovers. read more »

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