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Virginia Wisely Rejects Secret Police

BLOG: For now, at least, this dystopic vision can remain just a fantasy for law enforcement. read more »

Is This What Democracy Looks Like?

BLOG: Imagine your local police department wants to obtain a mine-resistant ambush protected vehicle (MRAP). Leaving aside the obvious question of why a local police department would need this vehicle, in a system where the people make the rules, one would think that the department would need approval from the peoples’ representatives, right? Wrong. read more »

Governor McAuliffe – Don’t Treat us Like Criminals

BLOG: Law enforcement says that we cannot be both safe and free – we need to choose. While it’s troubling that law enforcement forgets that our freedoms ensure our security (and our democracy), they don’t get to make the rules. Or, so we thought ... read more »

They’re Playing the Fear Card … Again: The Myths and Facts in Virginia’s Surveillance Debate

BLOG: We rely on law enforcement to protect us. It is an often dangerous job, and we are grateful to those who take the oath to protect and serve. But, our admiration for their selflessness doesn’t grant them a blank check to ignore basic American principles. read more »

Here’s What We Asked the Governor to Sign, Amend, or Veto

BLOG: The 2015 General Assembly isn’t over yet. Last Friday, we sent letters to Governor McAuliffe urging him to sign, amend, or veto certain legislation passed during the legislative session. The Governor has until midnight on March 29th to act. read more »

Huge Victory for Transparent and Accountable Government!

BLOG: Wow. Today the House of Delegates rejected legislation that would have created secret, experimental executions. This is a huge victory for advocates for transparent and accountable government! read more »

The Senate Approved Secret, Experimental Executions … Now on to the House

BLOG: Should Virginia engage in secret, experimental executions? Regardless of where you stand on the issue of capital punishment, the answer should be easy – absolutely not! In the United States, government transparency and accountability are non-negotiable. Unfortunately, the McAuliffe administration and a majority of Senators disagree. read more »

Are Secret Human Experimentations Coming to Virginia?

BLOG: Secret and human experimentation are two concepts that should never intersect with Virginia’s capital punishment system. Unfortunately, some in the General Assembly seem to disagree. If these legislators get their way, Virginia’s capital punishment system would move into a world where human experimentation and secrecy become the norm. read more »

It’s Simple – Asset Forfeiture Should Require a Criminal Conviction!

BLOG: Under Virginia law, law enforcement can pull you over, take your money, and then make you prove that you didn’t get it through ill means. They don’t even need to charge you with a crime. It’s unbelievable. read more »

In Memory of BJ Ostergren, a Great Civil Libertarian

BLOG: On Tuesday, Virginia lost one of its staunchest advocates for privacy and free speech. As one who was privileged to know and work with BJ Ostergren, I would like to take this opportunity to reflect on her accomplishments. read more »

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