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The Washington Post Supports Bringing Tuition Equity to Virginia!

(02/05/2014) We have long argued tuition equity would bring economic benefits to the Commonwealth and yesterday the Washington Post agreed. read more »

Big Vote Today to Bring Tuition Equity to Virginia

(01/28/2014) Today we are testifying in support of three bills that would bring tuition equality to Virginia. Each of the three bills would allow for students granted deferred action under the Department of Homeland Security’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program the ability to apply for in-state tuition... read more »

Equality in Education

(12/16/2013) This time of the year can be a tumultuous roller-coaster ride of emotions for Virginia’s high school seniors. Many are waiting with equal parts anxiety and excitement for word from colleges about admissions decisions; others are planning their first day of work after graduation. But, for one group of Virginia seniors, this time of the year can bring a different set of feelings – isolation and despair. read more »

Not Just a Number

(11/27/2013) They watched their city of Cochabamba, Bolivia, their family, and their close friends fade away in the rear view mirror of their car; they could only hope that perhaps one day they would be reunited. They boarded a bus bound to Mexico, from which the most difficult part of the journey would take place. Having packed lightly, given the arduous trek between the Mexican-US borders, they took with them only what they could carry. read more »

Join us in Welcoming Aisha Huertas Michel

(08/06/13) The ACLU of Virginia welcomes our fourth new staff member this year. Aisha Huertas Michel joins us as our new Associate Director of Public Policy and Communications, and Director of the Patricia M. Arnold Women’s Rights Project. read more »

Immigrant Rights are Civil Rights

(04/24/2013) Some question why the ACLU is engaged in the national conversation about immigration reform, or why the ACLU of Virginia has worked in coalition with other groups against anti-immigrant legislation proposed in the General Assembly. The answer is simple. Immigrant rights are civil rights. read more »

2013 General Assembly – Pre-Session Report

(12/3/2012) The 2013 General Assembly Session will be a “short session” of 45 days beginning on Wednesday, January 9 and adjourning on February 23. Following are summaries of some key issues we expect will be under active consideration by the legislature in 2013 and in which we have a particular interest... read more »

State Police Won’t be Doing Immigration; Bias-based Policing Remains a Concern

(07/05/2012) Governor McDonnell announced last week that his request that some state police officers be deputized by the federal government to engage in immigration law enforcement was rejected (without fanfare or public notice) last February. This is good news for everyone living and working in the Commonwealth. read more »

It’s a Tough Job and We’re Here to Do It

(01/11/2012) Legislators, old and new, convene today in Richmond for the 2012 Virginia General Assembly, and they will almost certainly make this session the most challenging in decades. That’s because a new crop of social conservatives swept into office in unprecedented numbers in November and is prepared to push through its agenda taking aim at reproductive freedom, religious liberty, and immigrants’ rights. read more »

The Right to Vote…Even if You Don’t Speak English

(11/04/2011) Election Day is just a few days away, and despite media reports of voter apathy, there are some voters who will always vote and will be excited to exercise their right to do so in a democracy. Some of these voters are the many immigrants who have stories like my grandparents. They came from other countries without democracies, learned basic English, became naturalized citizens and now take their civic responsibilities in the United States very seriously. read more »

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