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A Loving Farewell to our Dedicated, Longest-Serving Board Member Stew Dunn

EXCERPT: Stew understood the core essence of the ACLU’s principles like very few people – that an open and compassionate mind combined with a strong sense of the value of individual rights and opinion will yield the best result in most situations. read more »

Exciting Times Nationally for Voting Rights but Va. has a Long Way to Go

BLOG: We hope that the Court’s ruling will discourage Virginia’s General Assembly from enacting further limitations on the exercise of the franchise in Virginia, and encourage the legislature instead to consider passing laws that would open up access to the ballot box for all Virginians. read more »

ACLU-VA Joins Va. Legislative Black Caucus in Rallies to Support Restoration of Rights

NEWS RELEASE: The Virginia Legislative Black Caucus, the ACLU of Virginia and other statewide partners will host four Voices for the Vote Rallies across the Commonwealth on June 1 and 4. read more »

Restore Voting Rights through the Voting Rights Advancement Act!

BLOG: Today, we sent a letter to the entire Virginia Congressional delegation asking them to restore the Voting Rights Act by supporting the Voting Rights Advancement Act. read more »

Two Years After Gutting the Voting Rights Act: What’s the Damage?

BLOG: It’s been two years since the U.S. Supreme Court gutted the most powerful tool in the Voting Rights Act (VRA). The decision, Shelby County v. Holder, struck down Section 5, the pre-clearance formula---a provision that spent nearly 50 years stopping and deterring discriminatory voting measures in their tracks in jurisdictions with a history of nefarious voting practices. read more »

The Good and the Bad of the 2015 General Assembly Session

BLOG: It’s a wrap. After four months of advocacy before the General Assembly and Governor’s office, we can finally report how Virginians’ rights fared during the 2015 General Assembly Session. We had some major victories, but also some disappointing losses. read more »

Here’s What We Asked the Governor to Sign, Amend, or Veto

BLOG: The 2015 General Assembly isn’t over yet. Last Friday, we sent letters to Governor McAuliffe urging him to sign, amend, or veto certain legislation passed during the legislative session. The Governor has until midnight on March 29th to act. read more »

Ground Hog Day: General Assembly Fails on Restoration of Rights Again

BLOG: The Virginia General Assembly is beginning to resemble Bill Murray’s movie Ground Hog Day! Every year, the ACLU of Virginia lobbies to ensure the fundamental right to vote for all eligible Virginians. And, every year the results are very much the same! Instead of ensuring the right to vote, the General Assembly goes in the opposite direction, year after year. read more »

Election Day Aftermath: Does Virginia’s Photo ID Law Undermine the Right to Vote?

BLOG: Even before all votes were cast, there were numerous reports from supporters of the mandatory photo ID law proclaiming the inaugural test successful. read more »

Baluarte: 3 questions for the ACLU

OP ED: David Baluarte, a clinical professor of law at Washington and Lee Law School, recently joined the Board of Directors of the American Civil Liberties Union of Virginia. The Roanoke Times had these questions for him. read more »

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