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October 10, 2014

Marriage Equality in the Commonwealth, and What’s Next …

BLOG: It’s been a great week. Almost 50 years after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Virginia’s ban on interracial marriage was unconstitutional; we now have true marriage equality in the Commonwealth! read more »

October 07, 2014

ACLU of Virginia Applauds Court Decision on Virginia’s 3rd U.S. House District

PRESS RELEASE: Richmond, VA - The following statement can be attributed to Claire Guthrie Gastañaga, ACLU of Virginia Executive Director, concerning today's decision of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia ordering the Virginia General Assembly to redraw the 3rd U.S. House district: read more »

October 06, 2014

ACLU of Virginia Celebrates Freedom to Marry

PRESS RELEASE: Richmond, VA – The Supreme Court of the United States today denied review in all of the freedom to marry cases pending before it. As a result of the Court’s action, same-sex couples in Virginia will now be able to marry the partners they love and married same sex-couples will be able to have their marriages recognized in Virginia. read more »

October 02, 2014

Science and Medicine Prevails Over Politics: Virginia Health Commissioner Decides to Amend TRAP

BLOG: This summer, thousands of Virginians spoke out to say that medicine and science, not politics, should govern rules for women’s health centers. Yesterday, in a major victory for women’s health, the Virginia Health Commissioner publicly agreed with thousands of women, doctors, and advocates that current, medically-unnecessary regulations for women’s health centers should be amended. read more »

October 01, 2014

Women’s Health Advocates Applaud Commissioner’s Decision to Amend Restrictions on Women’s Health Centers

PRESS RELEASE: Today, Virginia Commissioner of Health Dr. Marissa Levine announced her recommendation to amend medically-unnecessary restrictions on Virginia women’s health centers. Levine decided to amend the controversial restrictions – overwhelmingly opposed by the Virginia medical community and responsible for the closure of two women’s health centers – after receiving more than 10,000 comments in support of revision during a recent 45-day public comment period. read more »

September 26, 2014

Stingrays – Bringing Dragnet Surveillance to a Town Near You

BLOG: Here’s something you may not know. And, you may not know it largely because of law enforcement efforts to keep it a secret from you. We’re talking about a mass surveillance device known as a cell site simulator or IMSI catcher (International Mobile Subscriber Identity). In one of the latest revelations of domestic spying, we know that at least one (likely more) Virginia law enforcement department (Chesterfield) owns one of these cell site simulator devices manufactured by the Harris Company called a “Stingray.” read more »

September 26, 2014

Marriage Equality and the U.S. Supreme Court: What to Expect and When

BLOG: As you undoubtedly know, on July 28, 2014, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit ruled that Virginia’s laws prohibiting same-sex couples from marrying and prohibiting the state from recognizing their out-of-state marriages are unconstitutional. read more »

September 25, 2014

Reed: 3 questions for the ACLU

OP ED: Wornie Reed, director of the Racial and Social Policy Research Center at Virginia Tech, recently joined the Board of Directors of the American Civil Liberties Union of Virginia. The Roanoke Times had these questions for him. read more »

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